Terms and conditions of Kinneret Tours tours

Fees and cancellations

The prepayment will be paid upon check-in. The final payment is due 30 days before departure. The prepayment varies, depending on the trip, there is no refund, Unless in the case of a client's illness, whereby a medical certificate can be applied for by the insurance company of the client. We recommend taking out travel insurance and cancellation insurance when booking your trip.

Kinneret Tours cancellation rules are as follows:

  - sooner than 45 days before the start of the trip, cancellation costs are the prepayment of the trip.

  - 45 days - 15 days before departure, cancellation costs are 50% of the cost of the trip.

  - 15 days before travel or later cancellation costs 95% of the cost of the trip.

Prepayment is a confirmation of your participation in the trip and also confirms that the customer accepts the terms and conditions in this file.



According to the order of signing up to the trip, KT will give a roommate to those who sign up alone and would like to have a roommate. If such a roommate isn't found, and you will end up alone in your room, you will need to pay a single supplement.

The cancellation of an Israel Tour due unrest or exceptional natural conditions in Israel

Israel is a country with occasional unrest at times. Most commonly they are in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, where KT does not take groups. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the security situation in any way. The tour program is preliminary until it is completed and KT has the right to change the program if necessary, eg for safety reasons, or due to exceptional natural conditions. If you wish to cancel your trip due to unrest, you will pay the cancellation charges in accordance with KT rules.

The package price includes:

Bus transfers, accommodation, half board, including breakfast and dinner, excursions, guided tours and service fees for drivers and guides.

/ does not include

Flights, Personal sickness and travel insurance, drinks or call charges for hotels. If the arrival time at the destination is after 19:00, a half-board meal is not included on the arrival day. The last half-board meal is the breakfast after the last night's stay in the travel program, even when the return flight is only the next night. There is a separate charge for the special arrangements and any additional services ordered.

The traveler must inform the tour operator:

Of a Knowledge of a state of health, That he thinks should be reported to KT . The traveler must be able to take care of himself / herself during the trip and, for example, if he / she has a wheelchair or roller, or if he / she is suffering from another illness requiring special measures, he or she must be accompanied by an assistant or otherwise make sure that his or her illness does not cause the group any difficulty. Specific food allergies should be reported well in advance to be communicated to the hotels. Kinneret Tours reserves the right not to sell a trip to a person who, according to the information provided to the company, may have trouble coping with the trip. These can be, for example, health issues.

Infant Reductions: 

An infant from 0 to 2 years old traveling with an adult will be charged 300$ for office expenses.


Kinnerettours holds the right, to remove a person from the trip for not listening to the guides or tour leaders instructions, during the trip. If a person’s behavior will disturb any aspect of the tour, he will be removed from the trip without compensation.


During the trip you might be filmed or pictured, and the photage will be published online. If you would not like your photage to be published, please let us know.


Cancellation due to a small number of participants


KT will endeavor to inform travelers about the cancellation of the trip as soon as possible, usually about 1-2 months before the trip, but no later than 20 days before the start of the trip. The trip requires a minimum of 10 to 15 travelers. For this reason, the KT invites travelers to ensure that their travel is completed before they book domestic flights, trains and buses. If the trip is canceled due to a small number of participants, KT will offer the customer another travel option or return the payments.



Responsible tour operator


Kinneret Tours is responsible for performing all contract-related travel services and assisting a passenger in difficulty in Israel. Please let Kinneret Tours know about any errors you have discovered in implementing your package. It is important for us that your trip is successful in every aspect, and that is why we try our best to influence any problems as quickly as possible. For example, if you only inform us when you leave the hotel, about a problem in your room, we will no longer be able to assist, so we ask for immediate notice of any problems found.


Other info


Hotels in Kinneret Tours are 3-4 star hotels. Hotel rating varies by country. Kinneret Tours does not compensate the customer for any luggage or things that he has forgotten or lost during his trip. You can also add your luggage insurance to your travel insurance.

Kinneret Tours has legal rights under the Travel Services Combination Provider Act (921/2017) that apply on all KT trips.