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About Kinneret Tours


Kinneret Tours was founded in Israel in the autumn of 2005. The name of our tour agency was natural, as we have been living as a family in Israel since 1990, and most of that time in the scenery of Lake Kinneret (often called Sea of Galilee). A very famous lake in the Bible.

The desire to experience another kind of Israel was strongly influenced by the establishment of different tour companies. Many have asked for more in-depth nature and adventure tours, encounters with local people and deviations from familiar pilgrimage paths. Of course, there is still a demand for traditional Bible places, but we want to offer these places in a renewed form.

Israel is an incredibly versatile tourist country. We want to inspire young people, alongside older travelers, to see and experience the Bible, and thus understand today's conflict around the world. The roots of many conflicts are coming back to the eastern corner of the Mediterranean. That's why we talk about the deep backgrounds of today's news and their links to the Bible world and its cultural context. Israel and the Arab world surrounding it are the meeting place of three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

Lake Kinneret is actually a symbol of the emotional scales of the people. They suddenly go up and start a wave. Surrounded by mountains, the Kinneret is characterized by the sudden wind, rising and causing a big storm. In the wintertime, southern or western winds blow. In such a counter-storm, the disciples of Jesus were traveling on the eastern shore of the north end of the lake. In the summertime, a dry hot desert wind, "Hamsin" brings a storm.
Jesus the Messiah, calmed down the storm in the lake, and he wants to do the same to the human mind.
When passengers give up their prejudices and venture into Israel, they will better understand why even small scenes in these landscapes will easily become world-class news.


After a long period of violence, Jews and Arabs are now waiting for a return to peace, which will come only through Jesus our Messiah.

We want to build bridges of peace through tourism, and teach people deeper understanding of the Bible and understand why it is important to wish peace in Jerusalem and pray more broadly for peace in the Middle East.

Susanna and Heikki Kangas


Main office phone- +358-9 2316 3373

Susanna Kangas
Phone:    +972 - 7 - 7785 0215

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Kinneret Tours
P.O. Box 165
Kfar Harif 79830, Israel


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